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Saint Francis de Sales Association

The origins of the “Saint Francis de Sales Association” date back to 1872, when Abbé Henri Chaumont and Caroline Colchen Carré de Malberg (picture), on October 15, founded the “Daughters of St Francis de Sales” in Paris. It was to be an association of lay people living in the world for the service and glory of God according to the spirit of Saint Francis de Sales.

Abbé Chaumont can be called a true disciple and promotor of the spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales. He discovered writings of the bishop of Genève when he was in the seminary in d’Issy-les-Moulineaux and later in Saint-Sulpice. He founded in 1872 the Société des Filles de Saint François de Sales (Saint Francis de Sales Association) with later on will give origine to the Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate, in september 1876 la Société des prêtres de saint François de Sales, and in november 1876 the Société des Fils de saint François de Sales

In 1911, the Holy See approved the Saint Francis de Sales Association. The Association is a spiritual family that seeks the personal holiness of its members.

The history, the spirituality, and the pastoral activity of the Saint Francis de Sales Association will be presented at the convention in November as one of the 15 institutes inspired by the spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales.

(Picture credits: G. Bernoville, Madamme Carré de Malberg. Fondatrice de la Société des Filles de Saint François de Sales, Paris, Grasset, 1951)

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Feast of Saint Philip Neri

Today we celebrate the liturgical feast of Saint Philip Neri. Francis de Sales was, and that is the least we can say, an ardent admirer of Saint Philip.

In the “Treatise on the Love of God,” Francis de Sales writes: “The Blessed Philip Neri, at fourscore years of age, had such an inflammation of heart through divine love, that the heat making the ribs give way to it, greatly enlarged them, and broke the fourth and fifth, that the heart might receive air and be refreshed.” (Book VI Chapter 15)

They are often depicted together in art. This drawing is by Baroni Giuseppe and is located in Palazzo dei Filippini in Lodi.


Feast of Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Today the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians celebrate the feast of their cofounder: Maria Domenica Mazzarello. From the beginning of their existence, Don Bosco wanted St. Francis de Sales to be the patron saint of the institute of the sisters, together with Teresa of Avila, as you can see in the picture of the first draft of their constitutions. At the conference in November we will hear more detailed how the spirit of Francis de Sales fits into their charism. 

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